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Welcome to Lepton Actuarial & Consulting. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), we specialize in providing tailored solutions to meet the demanding requirements of state government contracting.

We empower businesses to make optimal decisions with the clarity and confidence provided by our advanced technologies and analytics, expert advice, and proven effective solutions.

Our expertise ensures that clients receive the support they need to navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals.

Actuarial Consult Services

With an increasingly complex business landscape and evolving regulatory requirements, the need for expert guidance from skilled actuaries has never been greater. Whether it's managing pension plans, analyzing insurance risk, or designing financial models, Lepton Actuarial & Consulting helps steer companies to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Health Economics - Services

Our health economics consulting service provides evidence-based analysis and insights to help healthcare organizations optimize their resource allocation, improve patient outcomes, and achieve long-term sustainability. With our team of experienced health economists and data analysts, we can help you navigate the complex healthcare landscape and make data-driven decisions that deliver results.

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ESG Strategies -Services

Our ESG consulting service helps businesses and organizations integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into their decision-making processes, enabling them to build more sustainable and resilient operations. With our expertise in sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, and risk management, we can help you enhance your ESG performance and reputation, while creating long-term value for your stakeholders.

Sustainable Finance - Services

Sustainable Finance

Our sustainable finance service provides customized solutions for businesses and organizations looking to integrate sustainability into their financing strategies, enabling them to achieve their environmental and social objectives while maintaining financial performance. With our expertise in sustainable investing, green bonds, and impact measurement, we can help you access new sources of capital, reduce your risk exposure, and enhance your reputation as a responsible business.

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